Seblak is one of the most well-known food in Bandung, made from crackers (kerupuk), noodle, or macaroni as the main ingredient. From the history, many people said that Bandung is not the origin of seblak, because this food is famous in 2000s. They said that the origin of Seblak may come from Sumpiuh, Banyumas, because of the similarity with Krupuk Godog (boiled crackers) that has been popular since 1940s.

The way to cook the ingredients is by soak them into the hot water/boiled water. For your information, kerupuk is a famous snack in parts of Southeast Asia, but closely associated to Indonesia. I think this kinda weird-but-special food because almost all kerupuk in Indonesia was fried, not soaked in hot water. As the result, kerupuk that cooked as seblak has soft texture.

Another important ingredients is chili. Almost entire of Indonesian like to eat spicy food, so seblak is also being well-known because of its spiciness. For some occasions, you can find some products that show levels of spiciness of food. Some Indonesians think that the spicier food they eat makes them pride of themself without thinking too much about the possible consequences, such as diarrhea. Just be careful, right!

Beside the main ingredients and seasoning, you can add some mustards, eggs, even bones into seblak. Then, just pour all ingredients and seasoning and serve it. (That’s not kind of Indonesian food if it was not flavoured with some seasoning, such as garlic, onions, salt, kencur, etc. For your information, the foods in Indonesia has weaker flavour than Indian cuisine, so many foods from Indonesia are suitable for some foreigners or tourists that come to Indonesia. Do you want some proof? Just remember the poll from CNN that show Rendang (steamed beef from Padang, Indonesia) as the most delicious food in the world and followed with other Indonesian cuisines.)

So, if you want to eat seblak, just come to Bandung, because many street vendors or shops sell it with affordable price and many interesting variations.


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